Authority Magazine: Second Chapters; How I Reinvented Myself In The Second Chapter Of My Life 

Authority Magazine Interview: An Interview With Pirie Jones Grossman

Pace yourself. This is a long road trip. — Pay attention to the signals that your brain needs to restore bandwidth. For me it’s getting fixated on one task without making any progress or not being able to stay focused. That’s when I need to do something that engages my left brain. Take a walk, sing a song, doodle on some paper.

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Pandere shoes makes expandable footwear for people who can't fit into off the rack…

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Kin Folk: Anchorage Press 

Author: Zakiya McCummings Anchorage Press
Feb 2, 2017

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The dim lit bar is filled comfortably with chattering guests. Across the room, two women clink classes over their dinner plates. It appears as though everyone has arrived with someone else. Just after 7 p.m. a woman with sandy-brown hair and round glasses takes the stage. 

“Hi everyone,” she says. The crowd cheers. “I’m Laura Oden.” 

Oden is a familiar and constant presence in the Anchorage music scene. In the 90s she was one…

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For Anchorage musician Laura Oden, dormant decade led to a musical revival 

Author: Mike Dunham, Alaska Dispatch News 1/12/17
Alaska Dispatch News Link:​
"My father was a theologian and my mother was an actress," Laura Oden said with a slight grin and a little shake of her head. "So it was sort of inevitable that I'd become a songwriter." 

Oden's second CD, "Peel Back Another Layer," is being released this month. Fans got a first-look preview at Tap Root Public House…

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Adobe and Teardrops (Top 100 Musician Blogs) 

"Alaska-based Laura Oden has previewed her upcoming album with "Try Not to Cry." Oden's remarkable vocal performance makes this song, an attempt to grapple with a crushing loss, an arresting experience. Oden brushes against the confines of folk music and weaves jazz-like intervals into her delivery. This meditation is sure to stay with you after the last note fades and it has me excited for the full album."

Vents Magazine 

As we kick off not only another exciting week, but a hopeful year as well – we have teamed up with Anchorage, Alaska based artist for the premiere of her newest single “The Best Things In Life”, perhaps the best soundtrack for a year we hope be somewhat less deadly than 2016.

Peel Back Another Layer, recorded in Anchorage by Evan Phillips and mixed by Glenn Barratt (Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Teddy Pendergrass), is set for release early January on CD and digital formats. In February, Oden will be touring in…

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Laura Oden on the Camille Conte Show 

Alaskans are in the house! Singer/songwriter, Laura Oden is back home in New Jersey and talks about the female songwriters that influenced her growing up, why facing one's dream can be so terrifying and what's been going on since she touched down on the East coast!! And look who's walking around New York! Multi-instrumentalis, Yngvil Vatn Guttu another Alaskan that'll be in New Jersey Saturday night when the dynamic duo take the stage in Madison. Fabulous conversations! Enjoy.

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Tom and Laura Talk  

I took a moment to talk to my dad, Thomas C Oden, and ask some questions about music and its legacy in the Oden Family. I am so proud of my family and our long history of making music, in all forms, in all places, with so many people. Rock on Odens!

Golden Oden 

Anchorage Press
By Jeri Kopet
Although she took a break from making music herself, Anchorage’s Laura Oden never really left the scene. Oden moved to Alaska in 1994 and began her local music career as one-half of an acoustic duo with Isobell Kimberley, eventually taking time off to focus on her family. “I played music when I first got up here, but I stopped playing music in 1997. Then I didn’t pick up again until 2010,” Oden said with a laugh. “It was a really big break, which coincided curiously with the age…

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