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New Video from Parlor In The Round

Below are two brand new videos. Both recorded at Anchorage's famed Parlor In The Round show. Live performance at Tap Root Public House on March 24th, 2016. Sharing the stage that night were two other well known Alaskan performers: Emma Hill and Tom Begich. (All songs/lyrics copyrighted.)
Ride Again: ...about living deeply, about feeling pain and joy, and noticing the similarities.
Of note, this song begins in 5/4 time, switches to 6/8 and explores mood and tempo shifts. 
Lyrics: I won't cry, for a long time. Could lose my mind, for a very long time. But time portends, to offer amends, and every time we get knocked, on our knees again, a little bit of love is stirred inside, and it knocks us, a little more, alive. And that's when the grays and the blues get all confused. And that's when time relents and this face has to learn to pretend. And that is when you notice that your rope has gotten shorter. And suddenly. Suddenly. Suddenly, it ends. So throw me a new rope and I will catch the end and I will grab your hand and I will hold on. I will hold on. I will hold on. My heart has been, smashed wide open again. And I am fragile, my friend, from bone to flesh to skin. (chorus). And when my hear is open all this way, I notice it's the same as joy, on any other day. (chorus).